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We began back in 2004 as a site about Dr. Jim Park's Horse Racing books. Those books "Cracking the Track"(sold out), and "Logical Longshots" received a lot of positive feedback, so we decided to go further. We created our own figures which combined speed and pace. These figures became the basis for what we now call "Quickgaps.", now in its 20th year, has served us well. It has also been long overdue for a design overhaul. We've implemented some changes that now allow for better access on all devices, without much change to the overall look. We're very grateful to our loyal members and readers, many of whom have been with us right from the beginning. So, it is our hope that everyone enjoys the new site.

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These are our figures. They combine pace and speed, and are a valuable tool to add to any Horse Player's arsenal.



Logical Longshots

  A guide to picking logical longshot
 winners. You can buy the ebook for $10



Gapfire Disclaimer:

We provide state of the art handicapping tools that can help any handicapper. We also advise our members to pick their spots. We don't believe that anyone should be playing every race. We provide numbers for all races, but that doesn't mean we think they are all playable.

Horse Racing is ever-changing. Picking winners one day can seem very easy, while the next day it might be extremely difficult. We don't claim, nor do we try to be a "magical black box". There are just too many variables for that. However, our Quickgaps do hit a large percentage of the races. Using our numbers wisely, and insisting on good betting value are the tenets of our service.