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Well-known handicapper and author Dr. James Park makes a triumphant comeback to bookstores with his latest work, "Cracking The Tack Thoroughbred Handicapping: Leading Ideas and Methods". In this revision and update of his 2004 work, "Thoroughbred Handicapping: Horse Racing advice on Handicapping from the Experts", the head of the CTRA Players' Panel pays homage to the sport's most innovative handicappers with 49 essays summarizing and simplifying the works of 21 different authors and 27 books and articles. The works from which he derived his essays are some of the most advanced handicapping publications in existence, written by such current luminaries as Andrew Byer, Marc Cremer, Steve Davidiwitz, Tom Broahamer, and Barry Meadows. He also salutes the pioneers in the art and science of thoroughbred handicapping, notably Ray Taubot and Tom Anslie, the man Park credits with legitimizing thoroughbred handicapping as a money-making venture and proving to book publishers that there is money to be made publishing books on handicapping. Park said, "When I began the revision and amplification of the original text, I did not appreciate how much good work has been completed since 1987, only 15 years ago. Even the revisions of the original essays proved rather extensive." Thoroughbred handicapping and horse racing is in need of this type of work on thorouhbred handicapping and horse racing.